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Our Team

You will be surrounded by experienced teachers specialized in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE) and with all the necessary qualifications to guarantee high quality teaching. They will help you improve your oral and written communication skills and introduce you to French culture and civilization.


Our passionate native teachers are highly educated, with years of experience in pedagogic methodology but they also have special expertise in:

The Founders

Natacha Manet: current director of the Academy
See Natacha's Bio here

Sophie Mededovic
: founding member.
Sophie, who was dedicated to children education, died on May 10th 2014 from a severe lung cancer, after having realized her dream of creating her own school. Our programs will always be inspired by her ideas and skills; our vision by her commitment.
See Sophie's bio here

Natacha's Bio

Natacha was born and raised in France. After her MBA at the "EM Lyon" (France) in 1994, she moved to Germany. There she worked for a large French sporting goods company (Decathlon) as the head of trainings and communication while getting her first experience with teaching French. Natacha then decided to reorient her career towards international development, taking a position with a Non-Governmental Organization implementing children's rights programs in French-speaking Africa. All the while, she continued teaching French, establishing her first business offering corporate classes, one-on-one sessions for adults and children and exam prep. At the end of 2010, she moved from Germany to Washington DC and continued teaching in several institutions such as the Alliance Française.
Together with Sophie Mededovic, former Academic Director of the Alliance, she developed curricula for children courses such as a special program for DC elementary schools and fieldtrips. She created a Business French course and helped many FSI students to successfully pass their tests. In 2013 Natacha and Sophie decided to create the French Academy to better serve the needs of individuals, corporations and families.

Sophie's Bio

Sophie was born and raised in Burgundy, France. Passionate for education she taught French for more than 15 years. She taught at Capitol Hill Day School and at the Emerson Institute.
For the past 10 years Sophie was employed at the Alliance Française of Washington DC. In 2006 she established and headed the children’s programs of the Alliance, and then as the Academic Director she developed programs, curriculums and implemented the DELF exam in many public schools in DC, Montgomery county and Prince George’s County. She was also in charge of the recruitment, integration and performance of teachers. Through this experience, Sophie had a deep knowledge of language acquisition and curriculums for children and adults.
In 2013 Sophie decided to create the French Academy with her colleague Natacha to better serve the needs of individuals, corporations and families in the DC metro area. On May 10th 2014, Sophie died from lung cancer, but her ideas and vision will continue to live in our programs.

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