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Schedule of children's classes

Classes are held

at St Luke's Church , 800 W 36th Street , Baltimore, MD 21211
We are very thankful that St Luke's Church let us rent comfortable rooms at their facility. We are however not affiliated with any religious activity or belief.

SCHEDULE Sept-Dec 2017

Class over 10 weeks: from September 16th to December 2nd (no class Nov 11th and 25th).

For French and English speaking children:

Poussins Class (2-5.5 years) Sat. 10am - $185 - From Sept 16th to Dec 2nd

Saturdays 10:00- 11:00am.
Class over 10 weeks: from September 16th to December 2nd (no class Nov 11th and 25th).

Class Description

- A playful class with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle: they learn words and sentences, using them in songs, dance, games, and stories. Crafts, drawings and pre-school/ Kindergarten writing activities will develop their fine motor abilities. For older children, we introduce some writing activities to get started with the French alphabet, and sound/letter recognition in simple words.

- The class is in full immersion and therefore suited for French or English speaking children. At a young age, children are very intuitive and beginners will learn fast. French speaking children will talk and interact more, while English speakers will need more time to pronounce the words, but they understand very fast.

- Typical program:
Greetings, songs and dance
Numbers and letters routine
Meeting our friends (Monsieur nez rouge, Grabouilla la sorcière, les souris, ...)
Interacting on our topic (talk, sing and dance)
Word recognition activity
Story time and little craft/writing project
Au revoir!

- The plus:
+ We recreate an authentic language environment (no flash cards methodology!)
+ Teachers are native speakers (no accent!)
+ Child focused approach

First things we learn:
- Greetings
- Who's who (Je m'appelle/comment tu t'appelles)
- Numbers up to 20 (or more!)
- Animal names
- Food
- Colors and forms
- Anatomy, clothing ...
- Weather
- Daily life activities
- Seasonal themes
- A lot of songs!

Note: It's good to repeat some topics sometimes as long as the activities are different and develop different capacities in the children (cognitive, motorik etc..). Children need repetition to learn :)

Parent Participation and Responsibility

One parent or caregiver must attend class with their child(ren). Accompaniment is limited to one parent or caregiver only -no other adults or children may attend. Each parent or caregiver is responsible for the well-being of their child and is strongly encouraged to participate in all the class activities.
If your child is older than 3 years and can stay alone in the class, you may leave the room. Please remain in the vicinity, easy to reach.

Code of Conduct
If a child becomes disruptive, the parent or caregiver will take him/her out of the class until he/she calms down in order to preserve a constructive learning environment.

For English speaking children:

Les Grands (7 - 12 years) Level 1 - Sat. 11:30am - $285 / Starts Sept 16th

LEVEL 1! Complete beginners
Saturdays 11:30-1:00 pm
Class over 10 weeks: from September 16th to December 2nd (no class Nov 11 th and 25th).


Curriculum (over a year, each quarter we focus on a topic)
- How to introduce and talk about oneself (age, name, family, pets, physical description, address, country, citizenship…)
- How to introduce a person using il and elle
- Numbers
- Talk about likes and dislikes (colors, sports)
- Talk about activities, school subjects, schedule, etc.
- Know how to understand and tell the time
- How to invite a friend and accept or refuse an invitation
- How to ask basic questions

- You will receive a book recommendation upon your registration. The teachers may also use some other books (grammar, vocabulary etc...) to reinforce a point and will hand out copies. Please bring a binder, a notebook and pencils.

To learn the entire A1 curriculum, you will need to take all three sessions planned over the year.

For French speaking or very proficient children:

P'tits Francais 0- CP (6-7 ans) - Sat. 1-2:25pm - $285 / Starts Sept 16th

Saturdays 1:00-2:25 pm
Class over 10 weeks: from September 16th to December 2nd (no class Nov 11th and 25th).

Premiers apprentissages de la lecture et de l'écriture par la méthode syllabique. Nous ajouterons aussi un travail thématique de vocabulaire avec un apprentissage de la reconnaissance visuelle des mots (jours de la semaine, fruits, couleurs...) selon le programme de grande maternelle et CP.
Nous travaillons avec divers livres, nous vous fournirons des copies.


P'tits Francais I- CE1/CE2 (8-10 ans) - Sat. 1-2:30pm - $285 /Starts Sept 16th

Saturdays 1-2:30pm
Class over 10 weeks: from September 16th to December 2nd (no class Nov 11 th and 25th)


Apprentissage de la lecture et de l'écriture selon le programme de CE1 /CE2
Grammaire: conjugaisons au présent, le futur simple, le passé composé.
Les accords et les points difficile d'orthographe (le son e, é; le a et à, le on et ont, le son et sont etc..).
Analyses et explications de textes, rédactions de petites histoires.

Travail de présentations orales adapté aux besoins des enfants bilingues qui ont du mal à s'exprimer en langue seconde.