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Class Schedule Adults

Adults classes can be organized at your own location or at:
St Luke's Church , 800 W 36th Street , Baltimore, MD 21211
We are very thankful that St Luke's Church let us rent confortable rooms at their facility. We are however not affiliated with any religious activity or belief.

We choose quality over quantity: our classes have between 4 and 7 participants to make sure every one gets a lot of attention and progress better and faster.

If you don't know your level, you can do this self evaluation or contact us for a short assessment.

French for Beginners (A1)

Survival 2 (A1-2)- Tuesday 6-7:30pm - $240 - Sept 19th to Nov 7th

Survival Training Level 2 (for those who have done the Survival 1 or the Blue 1 Class).
Tues 6:00-7:30pm over 8 weeks
Starts Sept 12th to Nov 7th.


Learn more essential skills to be able to survive in France:
- Be able to talk about your likes and dislikes, your profession
- Describe people
- be able to reserve a taxi or change a table reservation
- Be able to go to the doctor
- Understand time and hours of operation
- Set up an appointment, accept or refuse an invitation
- And more according to the group dynamic

You will have reached the level A1-3 after this class. However, to get the best results, you will need to practice at home, learn vocabulary and do your homework.

Survival 1 (A1-0)- Thursday 6-7:30pm - $240 -Sept 28th to Nov 16th

Survival Training (for beginners who want to learn fast!)
Thursday 6-7:30pm over 8 weeks.
Starts on September 28th and ends November 16th.


Learn the essential skills to be able to survive in France:
- Be able to present yourself and ask simple questions
- Be able to buy food or basic items
- Be able to locate a place
- Be able to order food in a restaurant
- Be able to reserve a room
- And more (or less) according to the group dynamic.

French Intermediate or Advanced (B1-B2-C1)

Conversation and Grammar (B1+/B2)- Thur 7:35-9pm - $240- Sept 21st to Nov 9th

- For strong Intermediate (B1+) or advanced (B2) students who want to train and perfect their conversation skills and fluidity of the language, while learning an reviewing grammar rules.
- This class is tailor made, so can be repeated each term.

Thursday 7:35-9pm.
1.5 hours over 8 weeks (12 hours).
Starts September 21st and ends November 9th.

Talk about current topics and review some grammar points based on the needs of the participants.
We will base our conversation on an article, a short text, or a video; but also according to students interests and the activities they need to better their language skills and address the grammar difficulties that they face.

Your advantages:
- Small group setting (between 3 and 6 students)
- A tailor made class with a hands-on curriculum
- Material included
- Native teacher

Go to: Register Survival 1 BALTIMORE Thu 6pm