Our Approach

Tailor-made courses with experienced teachers

Our French language courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which sets standards for every stage of learning languages. Our teachers use an integrated communicative and task-oriented approach in teaching French that focuses on the student and his/her environment. We focus on improving speaking and listening skills. Our professional and friendly team is here to help you from your first day and will support your desire to learn French.

One-on-one or small group classes enable a personalized lesson plan and learning rhythms.
We will regularly do a written and oral evaluation to see which aspects we might need to review or foster.
Depending on your needs and your written or oral level, we will create a structured, varied and interesting course which will help you improve your understanding and your ability to express yourself in French.
During the class, we will only speak French. Your language practice is immediate.
Don’t worry! Visual aids and gesturing will help understanding.
We will encourage your participation to make sure that speaking French will come more naturally to you.
Working on grammar from the very start will help you understand the language structure.
It will be important to learn the basics so you can quickly express yourself.
The courses are designed for you to get accustomed to everyday French, and feel ready for day-to-day situations.


The books we use (Alter Ego, Edito, Echos ), and our support materials (videos, articles, etc...) are chosen according to the CEFR.
The advantages for you: we provide you with clear learning objectives as described in this framework, standard levels and results, standardized evaluations. All of this means better recognition of your achievements.

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