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One-on-one lessons

Numbers of hours purchased Hourly price
1-9 hours $65
10-29 hours $60
30 hours or more $55

If you would like to have a lesson with 2 or 3 participants, the hourly price would be $60 for a minimum of 20 hour package.
Compare this price to some other rates on the market: $50 hourly plus $10 for each additional participant.

For corporate students and spezialised French, we offer a flat rate of $60 hourly for a group between 2 and 4 participants for a class of min. 20 hours; $65 hourly if you take less hours.
Compare this price to what some schools are offering: $60-$70 hourly for spezialised French, plus $10 per additional student. So your rate might easily be between $85 and $95!

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