Info Covid 19

Since our highest priority is the health of our students, staff and teachers, we would like to share with you some measures the French Academy is taking regarding the developing outbreak of COVID-19:

- Tables, chairs and door knobs at all our locations are disinfected regularly (before and after a class).
- We ensure routine cleaning of frequently touched objects (markers, white boards, toys etc..), bathrooms.
- Teachers are following the regulations of the CDC.
- During the social distancing period, we will continue classes via Skype. It allows us to teach a class with one or several participants, sharing notes via live chats or uploading documents. Make sure that you share your Skype contacts with us and that you have a good Internet connection.

We would also kindly ask all our students to:

- Follow the recommendations of the CDC before visiting the French Academy.
- Wash their hands before starting a class. In Baltimore teachers will bring hand sanitizer and wipes to class. Bathrooms are on the first floor.
- Avoid physical contact, and keep a certain distance from other participants.
- If you need to cough or sneeze or blow your nose, please do it in a disposable tissue.
- Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms: fewer, respiratory sickness.

- In the event that you or a person close to you tests positive to the Coronavirus, please contact us immediately.