Schedule of children's classes

Classes are held

at St Luke's Church, 800 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
We are very thankful that St Luke's Church let us rent comfortable rooms at their facility. We are however not affiliated with any religious activity or belief.

Fall Session: from September 22nd to December 8th

For English or French speaking children:

Mixed Moineaux- Poussins (2 - 5 years)
A playful class with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle. They learn words and sentences, use them in songs, dances, games, and stories.
- Mixed Moineaux- Poussins (2 - 5 years) Sa 10:00-11:00am - $195 / Sept 22nd-Dec 8th
For more Information and to register, click here.

For English speaking children

Les Grands (7 - 12 years) Level 1
A fun class for beginners who would like to learn in immersion.

- Sa 11:15-12:45pm-$295 / Sept 22nd-Dec 8th - LEVEL 1
For more Information and to register, click here

For French Speakers/ Bilingual Children

Les P'tits Francais I/II, III/IV
A class tailor-made to the needs of French-speaking/ bilingual children. - If you would like to register for a class for French-speaking/ advanced children, please contact us.
- We can organize a class at your location for your child, or a group of children (siblings, friends, a school).
- The hourly price will vary according to the number of hours and participants. See the price list here.
- The curriculum will follow the general French curriculum of French schools (Cp, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2, 6iéme...) unless you'd like us to prepare something specific (CNED; a test..).