Schedule of children's classes

Classes are held

at St Luke's Church , 800 W 36th Street , Baltimore, MD 21211
We are very thankful that St Luke's Church let us rent comfortable rooms at their facility. We are however not affiliated with any religious activity or belief.

Winter Session: from January 20th to March 24th 2017

For English or French speaking children:

Mixed Moineaux- Poussins (2 - 5 years)
A playful class with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle. They learn words and sentences, using them in songs, dance, games, and stories.

- Saturday 10:00-11:00am - $195 / Starts Jan 20th
For more Information and to register, click here.

For English speaking children

Les Grands (7 - 12 years) Level 1
A fun class for beginners who would like to learn in immersion.

- Sa 11:15-12:45am-$295 / Starts Jan 20th - LEVEL 1- Round 1
For more Information and to register, click here

For French Speakers/ Bilingual Children

Les P'tits Francais I/II, III/IV
A class tailor made to the needs of French speaking / billingual children.

- If you would like to register for a class for French speaking/ advanced children, please contact us.
- We can organize a class at your location for your child, or a group of children (sibblings, friends, a school).
- The hourly price will vary according to the number of hours and participants. See the price list here.
- The curriculum will follow the general French curriculum of French schools (Cp, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2, 6iéme...) unless you'd like us to prepare something specific (CNED; a test..).