French Classes for Teens (13-16)

- Level 1: for beginners
- Level 2: for strong beginners- elementary speakers
- Level 3: for intermediate

Typical program
- Greetings - Welcome
- Work on the homework- reviews
- Lesson of the day: vocabulary, grammar through role playing, discussions.
- Homework assignment

- You will receive a book recommendation upon your registration. The teachers may also use some other books (grammar, vocabulary etc...) to reinforce a point and will hand out copies. Please bring a binder, a notebook and pencils.

The plus:
+ We recreate an authentic language environment
+ Teachers are native speakers (no accent!) and experience with teaching teens
+ Communicative, action based approach

First things we learn:
Presentations, greetings, numbers, things we like, animals, family, clothing, the city, hobbies...

See the schedule

In Baltimore teenagers usually take private tutoring individually or in a group of 2/ 3 children (sibblings or friends).We organize them with the families. If you are interested check private lessons.

Schedule in DC.