Why should kids learn another language?

It is very important for children to be introduced to a foreign language and different cultures as early as possible.

The preschool and elementary years are the best years for children to learn a new language, especially if they can be totally immersed. When learning is made fun and light, kids learn globally (the way we all learned our first language) and they are able to master pronunciation much easier. Most adults have learned a second language through translations, where the brain tries to translate a sentence in the foreign language. Children learn holistically and experimentally. They will automatically remember the vocabulary based on the situation.

Children really enjoy learning new languages! Children who learn several languages and are exposed to different cultures are also more open and have fewer difficulties in school. They are more flexible in their point of view and feel more at ease in unknown situations. They are more curious and less judgmental. Their minds are more “flexible”.

Various studies have proven the benefits of learning a second language: it increases the cognitive and creative abilities of children. For example, children learning a foreign language also perform better than their peers in mathematics, reading and expression.

With globalization, language skills and cultural understanding will be in demand more than ever. It will become more and more crucial to promote and nurture a culture of peace and cooperation in young people. We have to see the world as a whole, and it starts with being able to communicate with and understand others.

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