Class Schedule Adults Baltimore

- Adults classes take place at St Luke's Church, 800 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
We are very thankful that St Luke's Church let us rent confortable rooms at their facility. We are however not affiliated with any religious activity or belief.
- We can also organize a class at your own location.
- We choose quality over quantity: our classes have between 4 and 7 participants to make sure every one gets a lot of attention and progress better and faster.

If you don't know your level, you can do this self-evaluation or contact us for a short assessment.

Beginner Classes

Trial Discovery Workshop

* Discover French - TRIAL Workshop - for complete beginners (slow pace workshop)
Get introduced to some French sounds and letters, numbers, and a few words at a slow pace (not in immersion).
You will have to do Survival 1 (A1-1) after this class. You can of course register directly to the Survival 1 class, no need to do this workshop before. Some concepts will be repeated in the Survival 1.

--> In Person - Discover French Workshop - Tuesdays 7:40-9:10pm - Oct 24th to Nov 21st - 1.5h over 5 weeks - $165

Complete Beginner A1-1

* Survival 1 (A1 -0/1) for complete beginners
Learn the basics in a fun interactive way using an immersion communicative methodology.

--> In Person: - Survival 1 - Tuesdays 6-7:30pm - Oct 3rd to Nov 21st - 1.5 h over 8 weeks - $253.

- If you prefer to do your French class online, Check the ONLINE CLASS schedule here (tuition is $240 for the class online)

Beginners with some knowledge (A1-2)

** Survival 2 (A1 -2) - Beginners with some knowledge -12 hours
Learn more basics (hours of operation, appointments, at the doctor's and more...), to be able to survive in a French speaking country!
You must have some knowledge of French (A1-1) to do this class.

--> In Person: - Survival 2 - Thursdays 6-8pm - Nov 2nd to Dec 14th - 2 over 6 weeks - $253.
(no Class Nov 23rd)

- If you prefer to do your French class online, Check the ONLINE CLASS schedule here. (Tuition is $240 for the class online).

*** Conversation for beginners (A1)- 7.5 hours - $165
You did a A1-1 and A1-2 class and you would like to reinforce the vocabulary? You struggle to talk and wish to train more basic dialogs? This workshop will be perfect for you!
Prerequisite: Survival 1 and 2, or 15-20 hours of French.

--> In Person: -
Conversation (A1 part 1) - Thursdays 8:10-9:40pm - Nov 9th to Dec 14th - 1.5 hours over 5 weeks - $165.
(No class Nov 25th)
After Survival 2

Strong Beginners (A1-3)

*** Survival 3 (A1-3) - 12 hours
Learn more to be an elementary speaker! You must have completed Survival 1 and 2, or have finished A1-2 level to register for that class.

--> In Person: new dates will be posted in December

- This class can be done online, Check the ONLINE CLASS schedule here. (Tuition is $240 for the class online).

Elementary A2 or Intermediate B1 Classes

**** Survival 4 (A2-0) for starting elementary - 12 hours
Learn to use all the past and future tenses! For students who have done Survival 3 or are at level A1-3.

We have the Survival 4 class
ONLINE. To register for an online class check our ONLINE class schedule .

**** Survival 5 (A2-1)- 12 hours

Learn to use the conditional and the subjunctive. For students who have done the Survival 4 or are A2 (elementary).

We have the Survival 5 class ONLINE. Tuition is $240. To register for an online class check our ONLINE class schedule .

***** Conversation and Grammar (A2: elementary or B1: intermediate)
For Elementary (A2) students or intermediate (B1- who want to train and perfect their conversation skills and fluidity of the language, while learning and reviewing grammar rules. This class can be repeated every session, as long as you are elementary.

We have the A2 and B1 classes
ONLINE. Tuition between $155 and $240. To register for an online class check our online schedule.

Intermediate B1+ or Advanced B2 C1 Class

****** Perfect your French! (B1+/B2 and above)
This class is for strong intermediate students (B1+) or advanced speakers (B2/C1). We offer a new curriculum every quarter so the class can be followed on a regular basis.

Classes are
ONLINE. Check our ONLINE CLASS schedule here for Conversation B1 or B2 classes.